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CP Soccer・Physically Challenged Kids Soccer

We welcome almost any condition of challenged condition as long as your child can walk alone without help.  

We especially welcome kids with cerebral palsy, stroke, or traumatic brain injury condition as we are trying to make a team.  


Age:  1st Grade - 8th Grade 


Physical Therapist (National license in Japan) will always be on the site as a coach, so it will be very safe and coaches can advice kids how to use their body in an intellectual and fun way.

The lesson is 1.5 hours, with lots of stretching time at the beginning and the ending.

We practice at a public place such as park.  

Twice a month is our standard.

What is CP Football?

So called "Seven-A-Side Football", is simply called "CP Soccer" in Japan.
You need to have a condition of cerebral palsy, have had stroke, or had traumatic brain injury and able to walk without any tool.

This sports became official event for Paralympic since 1984.  Unfortunately it will be not for 2020 Tokyo Paralympic.  Let's hope we can bring it back on for Paris Paralympic in 2024.

There are many international events for CP Football such as CP Football International Trophy in Europe, 

International level is high, but Japanese CP Football players have chance to play international level as well.

​ More information at『一般社団法人 日本CPサッカー

OluOlu Coaches

菊地 謙

Kikuchi, Ken

I am a physical therapist specialized in pediatric field.  I have been active on summer camps for physically challenged children since college.  I have spent many times with those kids and been surprised  how much unknown possibilities they actually hold. Every single experience is precious.

I am hoping to help create a community where kids can be themselves through OluOlu activities.

Ball is my best friend.​

​田中 啓太

Tanaka, Keita

Soccer became my life long sports since 5 and played on a team until I graduated high school.  I teach kids' soccer team now.

I work as a physical therapist at a general clinic in Tokyo and have various conditioned patients. 

I truly believe that society needs to create an environment where physically challenged kids can do what they want to do and am very excited to be one of OluOlu.

渡邊 涼

Watanabe, Ryo

I majored in Physical Therapy in college and got a license as physical therapist.  Now I study at graduate school with a theme on "Perceptual Information Processing during Walking" .

I played soccer since elementary school until graduated from high school.  I have learned that sports is very important in your life, regardless how well you play.  I am hoping kids can experience the same thing as I did and simply enjoy playing sports.

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