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We are a cheerleading group for disabled kids to play sports and be active!!

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​This will be your

new place to be free and yourself.


You don't have to have a special talent.  

You just WANT to be yourself.


"Kick a soccer ball". "To find new friends."  

Any motivation is welcomed.



have some interest

What do you want to do?  If you just like to be active, want to try to move your body. Then you are ready to be one of OluOlu!


What activity are you interested in?

Choose the activities that you want to participate.  

As of now, we have already started CP soccer/disability kids soccer.

We are planning a dance class as well.  Interested?  Step 3!


Email us with any kind of questions.  We also welcome tryouts!



Let's have fun!!

We also plan to have some fun activities for all OluOlu members to meet with other people.

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