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No. 12
May 2020​

Looks like we still need to "stay home" for a while

Hang in there, just a little longer

Let's stay "connected"

【Genki Message】Still delivering!

We miss you all!  It has been a while since we had to stop practicing soccer because of COVID-19.  I know it is only twice a month, but our routine of getting together, chase balls and simply have fun for one hour, had to change quite a bit.  Now I realize how important it was.  We hope we can see you and play soccer as soon as things settle down.

We have been delivering "Genki Message" through Line Official Account since March 26th.

We started with a simple photo message, then a video clip from YouTube on how to stay active at home,  photos from our members of their daily lives, or kids' short video clips exercising.  We have been able to deliver you variety of messages so far.

We have continued the daily message for almost two month and I couldn't help realizing how lucky we are and that we can find small happiness everywhere.  I never really looked closes at seasonal flowers blossoming on the side street.  Much less, taking pictures of them taking our my cellphone from purse.  I wanted to share my small find even 1 minute away from my home with everyone.  

And I was able to remember my childhood and felt a little sentimental (in a good way).  I don't think I could have felt this way with my busy life before.

Our courches made video clips for members on how to exercise because we cant see each other.  Then many of you have sent us video clips or photos back.  

This way of communication is probably limited until we start practicing together.  But under this unique circumstances , this new way of communication was created.  Big thanks to our coaches with flexible and thoughtful thinking.

I have to say I am amazed how we can communicate using new technologies.  Don't mean to sound old, but COVID-19 has created a new period of time.  I am sure we will see more new and creative communication tools.

We would like to continue【Genki Message】until little bit of our "normal life" is back.  And as far as soccer practice, we will decide when, how and details according to the situation and the government guideline.

Until then, we see you on 【Genki Message】!!

OluOlu Exercise!!🎉

We have delivered 3 soccer coaches' exercise video clips. Now you can watch them online!!  Here we go!!!!

Coach Kikuchi
Coach Tanaka
Coach Otsuka
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